• Innovative chemical products

    We bring innovation for your industrial applications, contributing to an increased stability of production processes.

    We create innovative products for the expansion of our clients’ business activities with their private brand.

    For industrial applications we provide specialized consultancy and delivery of corrosion protection, lubrication and cleaning products for parts manufactured by you. We also offer analyses of chemical processes, optimization of individual production steps or complex production processes.

    In the area of private brands we provide complex services including product development, product package design, preparation of fundamental marketing documentation; we also provide independent production and delivery.

    We operate on the Czech and European markets. We can offer long-term experience and knowledge in various sectors of the engineering, automotive, aerospace and military industries and, of course, in consumer goods. Health care has been our new area of operation since 2015.
    We specialize in products and services with a high added value.

    We are already looking forward to cooperating with you...

  • Industrial chemistry  Products and solutions for manufacturing processes

    We specialize in corrosion protection of parts using preservation products, especially preservation liquids with a dry protective film, preservation oils, wash solutions with anti-corrosive effects and volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs).
    We also focus on multi-purpose and speciality lubricants, anti-seize products and rust converters for rusty surfaces.
    We supply corrosion inhibitors for further processing: additives for oil mixtures, wash solutions, emulsions,
    liquids for heating/cooling circuits and for paint production.

  • Products with Private Label  We create products to meet the client’s business needs

    As far as private brand / private label products are concerned, we provide complex services including development of the chemical composition of the specific product, its design and packaging, package logistics, fundamental documentation necessary for corporate business strategy and marketing; when the product is offered in the product portfolio, we also provide for its production and delivery directly to the customer's warehouse.

    Our products can be supplied in various forms such as aerosols, bottles, sprays, canisters, etc. We supply wet wipes packaged individually or as a package containing the specified number of wipes. Powder mixtures are packaged in bags or in containers with sprinklers.

    Thanks to our broad product portfolio we can satisfy the needs of clients from virtually all sectors, from technical products for maintenance and servicing or for household use to personal care products and products intended for use in health care.

    We are not limited by the necessity of mass production and can therefore satisfy the needs of customers who require small or limited batches.

  • About us

    We have been present on the market since 1993. In the first several years the company did business as a self-employer under the sole brand name Gamby. Its key activities at that time comprised distribution of chemical products and consultancy.
    After 2000 we slowly started focusing on our own research and development, adding a new direction, namely products for our clients’ private brands.
    We therefore added “project” to our brand name as it fully characterizes our current activities: delivery of complex services from A to Z.
    In 2015 the company transformed into the legal person of GAMBY project s.r.o.

    Our activities are based on teamwork and cooperation with a number of specialized external suppliers. The outsourcing of selected services allows us to cover and satisfy much bigger needs of our clients and has a very positive impact on the low prices of our products.
    We can use standard formulas but are particularly good at modifying the chemical composition according to our clients’ specific requirements or developing a wholly new product for them.

    We have a flexible and creative team which contributes significantly to the dynamic development of your activities. Our motto is to give wings to innovation, helping you accomplish your goals more easily.

    About us