What packages we use for our products

We probably use most of the well-known and available types of packages in different designs for our products.
The packages for individual products are designed on the basis of the purpose of use and fully respect the practical needs of the users.


Ilu pac aerosoly


Most products offered by us for private brands are required in the form of aerosols because that form is increasingly practical and attractive for users.

Aerosols cans are available aluminium or tin steel.
Tin cans are available up filling volume150ml till 750ml.
Aluminium cans are available up filling volume 40g (aprox. 40ml) till 350g (aprox. 400ml).
In case of small production batches we use labels glued on bottles. As for repeated production batches with an annual volume of up to 100,000 units and more, it is more cost-effective to have the label printed direct on the bottle.
The colour of the caps is usually governed by the colour of the label. If, however, the client uses an entire product line, the colour of the cap may serve as a visual identifier of individual product types.
We pay a lot of attention to the choice of a suitable applicator/nozzle so that the best results of product application possible are achieved in case of practical use.

HFinished products are usually packaged in 10 or 12 pieces. As bulk packages we use shrink wrap (tray) or carton boxes. Bulk packages are placed on pallets.
Production batches are realized up min.quantity 1000 pce. 

Ilu pac netlak

Bottles with cap, drop, dispenser, sprayer; bag and sachet ; shakers with sifter

Private brand products, especially household chemicals, personal care products and cleaners, are supplied in bottles from 50 ml to 3,000 ml.  
The choice of shape, colours, type of material from which the package is made and stoppers or applicators is influenced by several factors: purpose of use and the required method of application, chemical composition of the active substance and requirements on the appearance of the product based on marketing surveys for the specific type of product.
The caps-stoppers are available with a tear ring or a children's safety catch. Bottles up to the volume of 300 ml can be fitted with a mechanical spray pump controlled by point finger presses, while packages up to 500 ml can be fitted with a mechanical gun-shaped spray.

Powder mixtures can be put into bags or bottles fitted with a cap and a sifter.

Finished products are usually packaged in 10 or 12 pieces; bottles with a volume of up to 200 ml can be packaged in 20 and more pieces. As bulk packages we use shrink wrap (tray) or carton boxes. Bulk packages are placed on pallets.

Ilu pac wipe

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are very popular especially for products intended for personal use or for wiping different surfaces. Packages can be adapted to the purpose of use: one-time package with only one wipe inside and packages with stoppers, containing e.g. 10 - 15 - 20 pieces. Resistant foil is used for package, printed with artwork and text informations.
We use biodegradable fabrics to contribute to limiting the ecological burden of waste.  

Finished products are packaged in bulk packages where shrink wrap (tray) or carton boxes can be used. Bulk packages are placed on pallets.

Ilu pac kanystry

Large-Volume Packaging

We use standard packages in case of the delivery of products for use in production or service centres, or mixtures intended for further processing.
We supply concentrates and finished solutions in stackable canisters or barrels on pallets. If required, we can also fill IBC containers.  

Jerry cans: 5 liter, 10 liter, 20 liter or 25 liter
Barrels: 60 liter, 200 liter
IBC: 1.000 liter

Powder mixtures are supplied in barrels with a cover and in HDPE bags on pallets. The weight of packages is adjusted to meet the client’s requirements.