SuperAbsorbent with the client’s private label

SuperAbsorbent - immediate and rapid help without consequences.
Comfortable and effective help to contain the consequences of leaked fluids
in households, in health care facilities or in means of transport.
A product for the effective cleaning of spilled beverages and biological fluids.

In general, absorbents are powder mixtures designed for the disposal of the consequences of spilled substances. Absorbents to collect leaking oil products or other chemical substances are widespread and well-known. We were inspired by them and spent several years developing a product that would help us handle situations efficiently and comfortably, for example when wine or coffee is spilled on a carpet or our four-legged pet relieves itself in the middle of the room, when our child or an elderly person suffering from a medical condition cannot handle a situation and throws up outside a toilet, or there is an event in a health care facility in which a patient has problems to control themselves or an extensive leakage of blood occurs, etc. There are a number of similar events involving spills. If there is a spill, the consequences must be remedied. Anyone who has had such an experience will agree that it is not simple and the work is not too pleasant.
Our efforts to find a solution to these situations has paid off. Let us therefore introduce our SuperAbsorbent, a product precisely designed for such cases in GAMBY project.

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It is a product in the form of white powder. It contains active components able to absorb different kinds of fluids within several seconds. After the end of the absorption process the powder transforms into dry gel which can be removed mechanically. Depending on the nature of the absorbed material, we dispose of the saturated gel either as ordinary waste or, in case of health care facilities, as biological material.
SuperAbsorbent is able to dispose of all types of beverages: coffee, red wine, milk, etc.
And also all types of fluids of biological origin: urine, vomit, blood and their combinations.
The specific coefficient of absorption allows to collect 1 litre of pure water with only 40 g of the powder. Since many liquids have a different density and in our case, contain many different components, this value is only referential; in practice, however, the coefficient of absorption does not differ too much.
SuperAbsorbent contains, in addition to the active absorption components, components to help remove stains caused by dyestuffs contained in the leaked fluid, aromatic additives suppressing in some cases the unpleasant odour from leaking fluids; last but not least, the presence of antibacterial components helps prevent the occurrence of sources of potential risks associated with the biological nature of the fluid.
Successful disposal is conditional on the leaked fluids being in liquid state. If they solidify partly or in full, they must be dissolved again, e.g. using hot water, for our Super Absorbent to be used.

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Spilled coffee, red wine, tea and other beverages

We do not have many problems with beverages not spilled on carpets and some wooden floors. The only thing essential for the speed of cleaning is the volume of leaked fluid. If Super Absorbent is used, it is often enough to collect the dry gel after absorption, for example with a dustpan, and to sweep the surface with a cloth. Cleaning is therefore shortened to half the time, by estimate. In case of a spill on the carpet, a long cleaning process starts with the use of conventional procedures and its outcome is uncertain; we may end up with a stain on the carpet.

The whole cleaning process is accelerated significantly with the use of Super Absorbent, eliminating the risk of stains. The time between the occurrence of the event and the beginning of cleaning is crucial for the outcome. The sooner the cleaning starts, the better.
Super Absorbent is first placed around the edges of the spill and application continues to the middle. Dry gel is removed using a small dustpan. And then our SuperAbsorbent is applied again. The powder is rubbed into the carpet texture with a finger. The absorbed fluid is removed again. At this time we can use a manual vacuum cleaner because dry gel already forms small lumps. The application process is repeated until the absorption powder gelates. It is also necessary to inspect the area between the carpet and the floor which the beverage could also penetrate. The whole cleaning with Super Absorbent takes only several minutes and is effortless.

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Pet animals

Cleaning takes up most of our time when our pets are still babies and when we do not manage to come home in time and walk them. The cleaning procedure is the same as in case of cleaning spilled beverages. The only difference is that you should wear protective gloves because you work with biological material. Another of our recommendations is that after cleaning you should preventively treat the surfaces with a suitable disinfectant or antibacterial product.

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Vomit and blood

Cleaning the consequences of spilled body fluids is among the most demanding tasks. The procedure for using SuperAbsorbent is the same in principle as in case of removal of the consequences of spilled beverages or animal urine. For vomit and blood, there is a higher consumption of the absorbent powder due to their composition. As for spilled blood, Super Absorbent is usually combined with water. Other advantages of using SuperAbsorbent will show if the fluids get into joints or other hard-to-access places. During work it is necessary to follow the rules of handling of biological materials and, after the end of surface cleaning, to treat it preventively with a suitable antibacterial agent or disinfectant. Do not forget that if you use a vacuum cleaner, it is then necessary to clean its content and suction paths.

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Areas of use and possibilities of SuperAbsorbent

Super Absorbent has a huge business potential for your commercial application as a rapid and effective cleaning product in the following areas:

- household care: spilled beverages and other fluids, spilled body fluids in case of a health condition

- needed for breeders: spilled fluids, including body fluids, such as urine and vomit

- product for use in means of transport: spilled beverages and body fluids in case of a health condition of the passengers

- product for use in health services: spilled beverages, body fluids and blood

- product for use in services providing the transport of people under the influence of alcohol and drugs: spilled body fluids

- product for cleaning areas where animals are slaughtered or equipment or facilities used for their transport

- .... undoubtedly we omitted something but if you have your own idea for commercial use, we will be happy to support you

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