Maintenance and Servicing Products with Client's Private Label

The range of our products for maintenance and servicing covers most of the required segments. We supply products for professional services and for the DIY market. If the client does not select any of the pre-made formulations, we are ready to develop a tailored formulation. The high level of our technical products along with their good pricing provides a major business potential for our clients’ private brands.
We are not limited by the necessity of mass production and can therefore satisfy the needs of customers who require small or limited batches.
Our complex services include possible development of the chemical composition of the specific product, its design and packaging, package logistics, fundamental documentation necessary for corporate business strategy and marketing; when the product is offered in the product portfolio, we provide for its production and delivery directly to the customer's warehouse.

Lubricants, Releasers, Special Products

Multi-Purpose Oil

It is the most widely used product in all sectors. It has become popular because of a number of integrated functions. The ability to lubricate, clean and dissolve old lubricants and carbon deposits, remove glue residues, loosen stiff joints, preserve and protect makes this product very universal for miscellaneous service applications. It is fully compatible with most well-known materials. We have several types of modifications available, divided into quality classes to meet the individual requirements of each client. We are not afraid to say that we offer better performance and technical parameters than some products of a similar type supplied by renowned global producers.
Available package design: aerosol, bottle with dropper

Chain Lubricants, Lubricants for Moving Parts

Lubricants designed especially to increase the performance and reliability of mechanical equipment. These are primarily products used in parts that ensure rotary or sliding motion (chains, gears, sliding guides, cables, etc.). The product can be manufactured in grease or self-drying designs that limit the capture of dirt. We then sub-divide products into performance classes based on the expected operating load: slow, medium, heavy and extreme. Each design we have is supplied with a content of anti-corrosion and protective components.
Available package design: aerosol, bottle with dropper

Products for Weapons

A product with three integrated basic functions in a single application step.
Cleans - Lubricates - Protects.
It is a specific product where emphasis is put especially on its cleaning abilities. Reliable lubrication in a thin film with a high load resistance is also required. Anti-corrosion components protect parts without any surface treatment. As the first step the product dissolves organic deposits, carbon and residues of old lubricants. At the same time it releases insoluble components from the surface, such as metal smears caused by ammunition after the shot. The lubrication components of the product use a very smart principle. At rest the lubrication film is solid but as soon as the surface is exposed to pressure or friction in any point, it is liquefied, making the contact surfaces sufficiently slippery, ensuring reliable operation of all mechanisms and increasing the weapon’s accuracy. The effective content of inhibitors guarantees sufficient protection against corrosion, provides protection in a salt-containing environment and against the effects of human sweat. The product evaporates after application. As a result, this treated part is not greasy on the surface, repels water and does not capture dust. The product design conforms to the required criteria of armed forces, including the NATO standards MIL-SPEC (marked as CLP agent)

Available package design: aerosol, bottle with dropper

Lubricant with Silicone Oil

Lubricants containing silicone oils are suitable for parts with prevalent rubber materials or plastics. They have proven their worth for the lubrication of movable piston rods as part of pneumatic and hydraulic mechanisms. A formulation for dry silicone is also available.
Available package design: aerosol, bottle with dropper

Products for Release of Parts - Releaser

Products with a quick onset of effect. They are designed for the loosening of stiff and rusty joints, dissolving and releasing corrosion, or are used for the easy assembly of tight joints. Pure, graphite-containing and MoS2 versions are available.
Available package design: aerosol

Plastic Grease - Petroleum Jelly

Modified plastic greases for easy application and effects. The products are modified to provide the possibility of universal use. These products are suitable for applications with low and medium stress levels.
Available package design: aerosol

Ilu PL maziva

Cleaners - Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are a necessary part of most service operations. We put emphasis on their versatility and high cleaning effects.

Cleaner of Technical Parts

A product used for cleaning and washing oily parts, removing old lubricants, carbon deposits, accumulated oily dust, glue and other impurities. It evaporates from the surface easily and rather quickly. It also contains corrosion inhibitors. Thanks to its versatility it is suitable for repairs in all sectors, washes and cleans chains perfectly, removes adhesives left after labels and old seals and is able to loosen stiff joints, etc.
Available package design: aerosol, bottle, jerry can

Break Cleaner

A no-residue degreaser and cleaner without a negative impact on the surface structure of materials. The product evaporates from the surface very quickly. It does not contain aggressive components and preserves high cleaning and degreasing effects.
Available package design: aerosol

Cleaner of Electrical Contacts

Cleans contacts, removing impurities and oxidation, displaces water. It ensures the required electrical conductivity properties of contacts and provides prevention against oxidation. It is used in particular for light-current distribution lines and common electronics.
Available package design: aerosol

Cleaning Foam

We offer several types of cleaning foams. Either for universal use, or for specific material types, e.g. glass or plastics. An advantage of foam is its ability to adhere to vertical surfaces for a sufficient period of time to act against dirt on the surface.
Available package design: aerosol

Active Cleaner

A water-based product containing active substances to dissolve grease and other impurities. It has a high cleaning and washing power, yet is gentle to the surface of various material types. In case of liquids it is possible to modify their colour and smell and, where applicable, the required cleaning effect.
Available package design: bottle with sprayer, jerry can

Ilu PL cistice

Car Care

Glass Cleaning Foam

Cleaning foam for glass in the exterior and interior. 
Available package design: aerosol

Upholstery Cleaning Foam

A product for cleaning textile materials, upholstery and carpets.
Available package design: aerosol

Cleaning Foam for Plastics Parts

A product designed to clean plastic surfaces without the risk of damage to the surface layer. It can be used for most types of plastics and polycarbonate.
Available package design: aerosol

Dashboard Cleaner - Cockpit Cleaner

Provides excellent cleaning, treatment and regeneration of the surfaces of interior plastic parts. The product can be scented as per request and the resulting visual effect can be adjusted: shine, half-matt, matt.
Available package design: aerosol

Defroster - Deicer

A product for the easy removal of frost from surfaces, de-icing of locks or loosening of frozen segments (doors, wiper blades, etc.)
Available package design: aerosol

Hydrophobic Treatment of Windscreens - Liquid Wipers

This product for application on the windscreen provides a long-term effect known as liquid wipers. The treated surface becomes water-repellent, showing the so-called lotus effect. At higher speeds the water drops flow down automatically and the glass provides better viewing conditions and comfort. Any sticking insects and frost are much easier to remove from such treated glass.
Available package design: bottle with sprayer

Ilu PL autokosmetika

Products for building, Adhesives

These products are mostly used in DIY and crafts.


Contact adhesives for gluing textile materials, carpets, plastics, wood and paper.
Available package design: aerosol

Insulating and adhesive PolyUrethane Foams

The range of polyurethane foams includes a broad range of products for various applications. Foams are designed for the installation of windows and door frames, to fill building openings, or are used as glue for selected building segments. We offer foams with a high adhesive effect and expansion coefficient.
Types of PU Foams:
- low expansion foam
- adhesive foam for facade insulation
- foam with fire resistance
- mounting foam
- oam for application at low temperatures (winter foam)
Available package design: aerosol with application tube or cross-adaptor for the application gun.

Odstraňovač lepidel nebo PU pěn

A product for removing glue and foam residues, design for cleaning application guns.
Available package design: aerosol

Ilu PL konstr