• Products with Private Label  We create products to meet the client’s business needs

    As far as private brand / private label products are concerned, we provide complex services including development of the chemical composition of the specific product, its design and packaging, package logistics, fundamental documentation necessary for corporate business strategy and marketing; when the product is offered in the product portfolio, we also provide for its production and delivery directly to the customer's warehouse.

    Our products can be supplied in various forms such as aerosols, bottles, sprays, canisters, etc. We supply wet wipes packaged individually or as a package containing the specified number of wipes. Powder mixtures are packaged in bags or in containers with sprinklers.

    Thanks to our broad product portfolio we can satisfy the needs of clients from virtually all sectors, from technical products for maintenance and servicing or for household use to personal care products and products intended for use in health care.

    We are not limited by the necessity of mass production and can therefore satisfy the needs of customers who require small or limited batches.